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Handmade Traditional Panettone

Our Panettone, our Passion
available all year round.


A Story of Tradition

Pasticceria Ottocento is a story of passion, hard work and dedication, but mainly a story of one family.


Pasticceria Ottocento’s history begins during the fall of 1978 when the family owners with two of the most accomplished pastry chefs from two of the main Milanese pastry shops, open the first location in “Conca del Naviglio” in Milan, Italy.


Strictly artisanal techniques, first choice raw materials, craftsmanship and passion for the pastry industry: these were the main characteristics that signed the success of Pasticceria Ottocento and it’s iconic product, the Panettone.

Artisanal Panettone

Since the beginning the panettone has been hand-made following the artisanal method and this practice is still used after three generations of the family.


Tradition, passion and dedication, are the main ingredients for our iconic panettone. Processed for 48 hours, the panettone develops it’s structure to be soft to the right point and gives time to flavors to express themselves to the fullest.


Time, craftsmanship and first choice ingredients is what makes our panettone special.


Our panettones



orange and chocolate

pear and chocolate

marron glacé and chocolate

marron glacé

fig and nut

Panettone Tartufato | Pasticceria Ottocento Milano

tartufato with apricot

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